Tackle sickness absence by focussing at the origin

Often the idea to tackle sickness absence is saught in conditions, ruling, protocols, etc.  For some reason daily practice shows us that we tend to pay a lot of attention to all kind of matters surrounding the true origin of sickness absence. True origin being the sick person.  Every illness or infirmity has a psychosomatic background. Only by focussing at the true cause, the problem will be dissolved.  Would you like to stop focussing at symptoms but tackle sickness absence at the true origin? Contact us: contact page For more info in Dutch go to ziekteverzuim oplossen vanuit de oorzaak.

Managing HR-services

More and more companies are seeking a solution for managing their international Human Resources. Whether it concerns employee benefits, communication or organizational change, there are a lot of parties who offer support on the separate areas.
However, if you’re looking for one solution covering all your HR-issues to ensure highest efficiency in your international organisation you would be best served by going through one portal. We have the expertise delivering this dashboard to you.

One portal

You don’t need to worry about signing up with different parties in order to manage your Human Resources. We have a broad network of business partners providing you solutions incorporating payroll, (employment) contracting, insurances, employee benefits, recruitment channels, expats, development of staff and organisation, all complying with local ruling.
This will allow you to effectively serve your local clients, while your Human Resources on a multinational level show you the so desired transparency.

Inpat-expat services

You might want to add special expertise to a specific country by sending personnel to another country than his home country, for certain duration.
This often involves (working) permits, housing, language, remuneration, benefits and fiscal issues. And, of course, any arrangement with an employee should be compatible with policies within your company.
Living and working in another country often not only affects dramatically your employee, but has a major impact on his or her family as well.
International school, spare time activities, partner’s work, integrating in a new culture have a huge influence on the performance of you inpat or expat.

Interim management

If you require temporarily HR support who understands your business and the environment your people are working in, we will be able to serve your needs whether it would concern (extra) workforce, a project, due diligence or organizational change. Or any other issue on any level involving your Human Resources.

SME support

We understand the entrepreneurial attitude that distinguishes the Small and Median Enterprise market. Ambitions are usually high, the competition fierce and demands on individual employees energy consuming. On the other hand, Human Resources tools are not always widely accessed to.
We deliver HR-expertise customized to your needs, which will keep your costs low and your HR-issues effectively managed.


Sometimes you might feel the need to reflect on issues you may encounter in your business or personal life, you would like to reflect upon. Career opportunities, how to deal with daily challenges or combining your working life with your personal development needs are items you may wish to discuss with an experienced coach. We have a long track record of breaking the deadlock of any kind.

Investors in People (IiP)

Investors in People (IiP) is a practical-orientated instrument for the ongoing improvement of your organisation and the development of your employees. Based upon four key indicators commitment, planning, action and evaluation, criteria will be set for the purpose of reviewing your organisation and your employee’s development.