You might think that Cross-Border Human Resources has all to do with crossing countries’ borders. But more importantly, it has to do with adding value to your business, starting by looking beyond the paved roads. Creating business opportunities is not about committing to current structures or systems, but going where nobody went before will provide your challenge.

Setting up business

Expanding your business usually involves lots of investments on your part. Resources need to be allocated, including Human Resources. Having the right people around you –especially when they are located out of your immediate sight- will be essential for achieving your companies’ goals.
But you don’t want to worry about local differences in labour law, remuneration or administrative procedures, whilst you are about to form an international team with individuals with each of them their own backgrounds…

Restructuring and development of your company

Once having your company internationalized you will find your staff, strategy and targets are evolving, but not necessarily towards the direction you might have planned initially.
You might want to monitor and manage your Human Resources to ensure your staff to achieve the targets set. However, monitoring Human Resources on an international scale often turns out into non comparative outcomes.
You want your Human Resources to adapt and develop towards the changes that take place in your market areas and your people to act proactively to customers’ needs.
The existence of your company is based upon adding value to your customer; we understand this strategic process in which Human Resources is the key performance indicator.

Cross-border; cross-cultural?

In crossing-borders one meets the challenge in executing a corporate mission by people from different backgrounds. Your local staff already having their individual interests of their own, working internationally implies yet an extra dimension.
People from different nations show different work styles when it comes to management, cooperation, communication, ruling, ambition, work-life balance and needs for security and development. Also, the environment in which you operate differ from country to country.
For establishing and improving sustainable business, it is vitally important for all your employees to obtain a joint focus in order to provide your customer his required added value.
In this complex process we can provide support to effectively monitor and manage your Human Recources.