Our values

We work with HR-professionals who share our values: thinking and acting outside the box, cross-border expertise and customer comes first. We believe that working internationally is as working in an extra dimension: demanding, challenging, complex and fun!
Cross-border HR is not just about arranging fringe benefits on an international basis, nor recruitment on an international level. Cross-border HR is about exploring various opportunities beyond any border, a nation, a culture, the borders of your current market, the borders set by regulation and the borders we have limited to our abilities. It could also imply that there might be room for improvement, but in our daily lives we weren’t yet aware of the available space. Sometimes it requires a revolution for an evolution to occur, sometimes development just comes gradually. Either way, looking at issues –no matter what issue- from a different angle- is required to acquire sustainable growth. Preferably delivering support to sustainability throughout your products complete lifecycle.
We have made it our business to break the deadlock.
By looking at challenges with another perspective than the policies that have been drawn up in the past, one can truly challenge individuals and teams to (over) achieve their goals, for the duration of the perfect match between your company and your employee.

Outlook on Hollander HRM

Hollander HRM was founded in 1999 by Leo Hollander. (profile Leo Hollander)Being an HR-professional for more than 5 year in an international environment he felt it to be important to leave the paved road of an employee. The best way to get more insight and gain more expertise would be to work as a consultant for various organisations in all areas of Human Recourses.
In leaving the paved road, it was important to think about the core of any problem, instead of presenting the customer a solution. Customer knows his own business best, so why bother presenting him solutions that would not lead to the benefit of your company?